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Using Tools Makes Us Different

Just as man and higher apes are distinguished from the lower primates by their use of tools, so higher order thinkers are distinguished by their use of thinking tools.

"I have learned in my research that the tool approachto thinking is very effective. This involves the deliberate use of thinking tools in a systematic way to address an issue or problem".

- Dr Edward de Bono

The de Bono Thinking Tools

There are many different sets of thinking tools to choose from. Like any task, chosing the right tools for the right job is very important for success. We work with you to ensure you select the right tools and develop the skill in using them.


Six Thinking Hats

The primary thinking management tool for creative and constructive thinking.

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Lateral Thinking

The creative accelerator that generates a wealth of new ideas.

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Direct Attention Thinking Tools

These focus or mind on specific thinking tasks to increase productivity.

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Purifies and simplifies your products, services, systems, process and thinking without comprising on value.

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CoRT Tools

Developed specifically for students, CoRT enables better thinking using a structured approach.

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Incorparting a variety of tools, it enables innovation leaders to ensure constructive thinking.

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